Tips for Cyclists Injury Prevention

Tips for Cyclists Injury Prevention


Cyclist are in a vulnerable position for injury’s due to the repetitive nature needed to propel the bike forward.

For those who par-take in big rides at the weekend or those that cover a couple miles on their daily commute, a good home care routine is needed to prevent injuries from happening.

The best place to start, when considering injuries with cycling is the set-up of your bike.


Bike position

The way your bike is set up can have a huge impact on your body. Get it wrong by an inch and you can be left with chronic pain.

If your bike is set-up incorrectly the most common place you will feel it is that Knees. Here is a guide to what your knee pain tell’s us about your bike set-up!

Book yourself in with a specialist to be properly fitted to your bike.


Self Care

We only have one  body so it’s wise to look after it. Here are some great self-care tips you can easily fit into your routine at home.

  • Epsom salt bath helps to reduce muscle pain, tension & inflammation. The warmth of the bath will also help to ease aches and pains after a long ride.
  • Foam Rolling helps to prevent injury & allows you to recover quicker because it helps remove lactic acid & scar tissue whilst improving mobility and flexibility in the muscles.
  •  There are some great self massage tools out there, I use the P-nut or a lacrosse ball to self-massage my muscles and reduce tension.
  • Getting a sports massage will help to reduce tension and ease pain, it will also help you become more in-tuned with your muscles, being able to care for them more yourself.
  • Stretching is one of the best ways to prevent injury. You will see huge benefits from a few minutes of warming up and cooling down. Your muscles will thank you.

Stretching Tips

Stretching after cycling helps to minimise pain the next day, it also helps avoid repetitive strain injuries by keeping  your muscles long and lean, preventing a build up of tension.

If your tight for time, just a few minutes while your putting your bike away will change your body drastically. Try stretching with your bike or at your bike rack while you lock it up.

The main muscles you want to target are the muscles in the legs and hip, including; Quads, Calfs, Hamstrings, Adductors, Glutes & Hip Flexors. You will also benefit from opening the chest after a ride as your in a closed position that could affect posture of the shoulders if not stretched.


Event Rides

When your training for an event, your body is under much more strain then it is used to. This is the time you are most vulnerable for injuries. At TurnAround Therapy we have the Prudential package in place for cyclist during this time, to help them ease aches and pains before an event & to speed up the recovery afterwards.

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