The Benefits of Sports Massage

The Benefits of Sports Massage


Although the title Sports massage suggests its limited to ‘sporty’ or athletic people, this is simply a misconception.  Sports massage addresses the muscles and soft tissue in the body, aiming to reducing aches & pain getting you to your optimal posture, avoiding future injuries.

A sports massage is beneficial for everyone, from professional athletes to office workers.


Benefits of massage

Sports Massage has so many benefits for the body helping you both physiologically & psychological.

  • Improves Range of Motion– Massage helps to improve range of motion in the muscles by removing adhesions, decreasing tightness in the muscles & increasing tissue elasticity.
  • Increases the usage of Muscles– Massage helps to reduce tightness in the muscles as well as scar tissue & adhesions, all of which restrict the muscles capabilities.
  • Speeds Recovery after Injury– Massage improves blood circulation which helps to aid recovery. Removing of waste products in the soft tissue & replenishing with blood filled with oxygen and nutrients.
  • Reduces Scar Tissue– Massage can be used to help realign scar tissue, decreasing the appearance and improving the movement possibilities around the scar.
  • Increases Confidence– Massage can be used before an event to ease any aches and pains from training and to give you confidence in what your body can do.
  • Increases Self-awareness– Through the touch of a massage you will discover any areas that are tender, tight or weak. This in-turn will give you an understanding of how your muscles behave and how you can adjust your training.
  • Increases Energy Levels– Massage increases blood flow in the body. The blood delivers oxygen to the muscles which we need for energy.
  • Enhances Performance– Due to all the benefits above you will also see an improvement to your chosen field of sport. Better range, better muscle capabilities with more awareness of whats going on in you body.
  • Reduces Heart rate & Blood Pressure– Massage helps to turn off the sympathetic nervous system (flight & flight) & encourages the parasympathetic nervous system (involuntary) this creates a resting response in the body, lowering heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Increases Blood flow–  Massage increase blood flow to the muscles, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and removing of waste products.
  • Reduces Pain– Reducing tension & removing of waste products in the soft tissue helps to decrease pain temporarily. Realigning posture & mis-balance in the body helps to decrease pain for the long run.
  • Aids Relaxation– Massage reduces pain & relaxes the muscles which in the turn helps clients to relax.
  • Improves Mood– Massage increase the feel good hormones oxytocin and serotonin meaning you always leave feeling better than when you came in!
  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety– Massage increase those feel good hormones, it also inhibits the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline helping to reduce stress & anxiety. When someone has a chronic issue the condition itself can cause anxiety and stress, massage helps to reduce the pain and symptoms of the condition as well as allowing relaxation reducing the anxiety associated with the condition.
  • Improved Sleep– By reducing anxiety, pain and allowing some time for relaxation, massage will help you to get a good nights sleep.

The Importance of Assessment

Every treatment will begin with an assessment be it watching the way you walk, your posture or range of your muscles. By assessing the body your therapist is able to determine any muscle imbalances in the body, they can then use techniques to address the imbalance aiming to create more symmetry in the body.

What we are looking for 

  • Strong and Short muscles
  • Weak and Long muscles

The assessment helps to identify the muscles that are strong, short & working too hard, and those that are weaker, longer & not quite pulling their weight. By giving length to the short muscles & strength to the weak muscles we can begin to create more of an even balance within the body, preventing further mis-balance and future injuries.


Home Care & Rehabilitation

A big part of seeing results is your home care plan. A Sports Massage is a short amount of time in your week/ month, to be able to see results that last, it’s important that you keep up with your home care advice.

Something we are very proud of at TurnAround Therapy is the support and advice we give our clients after their treatments. Every client receives a tailor made home-care plan of stretches and strengthening exercise’s that helps to guide them, so they are confident in their own rehabilitation enabling them to continue their recovery at home.

At TurnAround Therapy everything is always about you the client, with extensive consultation & assessment we are able to work on any areas that are your focus whether you want to increase you range of motion, recover from and injury & pain or reduce tension in the body. TurnAround can help you get to your end goal.

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