Songbird Natural Sports Massage Wax

Songbird Natural Sports Massage Wax


At TurnAround we believe in keeping things as natural as possible, which is why we use Songbird Massage Wax’s during our treatments. Our go to product is their Sports Massage Wax which is a tired & tested favourite for both us and our clients. It is a Bee Balm base with natural oils including Manuka, Lemon, Arnica, Calendula flower and Hypericum.

Songbird Natural Sports Massage Balm

The amazing thing with this product is it’s Bee’s Balm base, which has high healing properties.  It also has a gentle calming effect on the nervous system, making it great to settle clients that may be anxious or have high pain levels before treatment.

Lemon essential oil gives the balm a fresh fragrance that most people comment on when entering the clinic, is also acts as an anti-inflammatory great for injuries & swelling.

Manuka oil is know also for its healing properties, specifically for the skin. Helping to heal scar, wounds and improve the appearance or stretch marks.

Arnica oil helps with muscular aches as well as bruises and strains, making it a perfect partner for a Sports treatment.

Both Calendula and Hypericum have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This is good for anyone with sensitive skin, as it heal irritation and soothes skin.

We recommend this balm for self-treatment at home, as all the ingredients listed above help to speed recovery after injury.

Top Tips for a Speedy Recovery After Injury

A great new feature with Songbird is their EcoTubs which are biodegradable, recyclable and compostable refill pots. This means our treatments at TurnAround are as Eco friendly as they can be.


Cowshed Natural Pregnancy Balm

Natural Pregnancy Balm

Essential oil’s are not recommend for pregnant or breast feeding clients, instead we use Cowshed Pregnancy Balm in our Pregnancy and Post Natal treatments. This balm contains coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E.

These ingredients helps to avoid stretch marks as coconut oil and shea butter are highly moisturising, this improves elasticity in the skin which is he key to minimising stretch marks. It also contain sea buckthorn oil which has healing properties, great for dry or itching skin and skin colouration changes. Cowshed are also free from parabens and sulphates so you know your body is only absorbing the right things!


Alternative SongBird range we currently use

Both the balms are not recommend nut allergies. We do have a number of alternative lotions to use in the clinic for anyone with allergies or specific needs. This is why we ask on our health form if you have any allergies, to find the best lotion to suit you.

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