Sports Massage

Sports Massage


Our Sports Massage is for those who play sport, exercise or live a highly active lifestyle. Whether you have suffered from an injury or you feel your unable to reach your full potential because something is holding you back, our expert sports massage therapists based in north London can help.

Our specialist Sports Massage treatment works with the body and the muscles that are in need of attention. Each session will start with a consultation and assessment of the body, allowing your therapist to give you a treatment that is bespoke to you. Your therapist will focus on the muscles and areas that are tight allowing you to leave your appointment with your optimal muscular function.

This treatment is for clients that know the importance of looking after their bodies, which is why your sports massage therapist will provide you with home care, including stretches and strengthening exercises based upon your personal areas of tension or weakness. This will enable you to continue to make improvements at home and help you reach peak performance.

Our Sports Massage Treatment is perfect for anyone who is:

  • Using their bodies to a high level and wants to prevent injuries.
  • Looking to improve performance in their chosen field.
  • Has an Injury and wants to speed up the recovery process
  • Taking part in an event looking for pre/post massage.

If you’re looking for sports massage in north London, get in contact with our professional sports massage therapists now. We are conveniently based in Islington, north London on Hornsey Road.

What are the benefits of sports massage treatment?

  • Having a sports massage or deep tissue massage from our therapists based in north London can help to greatly reduce pain you may be suffering from
  • It can help to relax your enflamed muscles
  • It can help increase your range of movement allowing you to be more flexible and prevent further potential injury when working out or playing sports
  • By helping to reduce the muscle tension in certain areas of the body such as the neck and shoulders, sports massage can help to improve your breathing patterns

Deep tissue massages/ sports massages can help you figure out where you are storing muscle tension within the body as well as increase your awareness of your posture and movement. If you are finding you have pressure or stress in your joint structures, then a sports massage in north London could help you increase your strength and stability.


Make sure you wear appropriate clothing. Dependent on where the treatment will be, this can affect the kind of clothes you can wear for the sports massage. Ideally, if you are able to wear clothing that allows access to where the affected muscles are would be best.
A sports massage shouldn’t be painful! At TurnAround Therapy, we use a scale of 1 – 10 and don’t apply pressure that goes over a 6. This ensures that any pain you do feel is minimal and manageable.
A TurnAround Massage is a bespoke massage for anyone and everyone who wants to see an improvement to their bodies and posture. A Sports massage is to help relax the muscles or injury sustained by high activity.

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