Corporate Massage

corporate massage

Corporate Massage


Are you looking for a corporate massage service? At TurnAround Therapy, we offer workplace massage sessions that help your employees relax and unwind. We provide a high-quality experience provided by specialists who have worked in the industry for years.

We supply our own massage chairs and have a range of different appointment lengths when it comes to booking your workplace massages.

  • Our 15-minute appointments allow us to carry out 20 corporate massages a day
  • Our 20-minute appointments allow us to carry out 15 corporate massages a day
  • Our 30-minute appointments allow us to carry out 10 corporate massages a day


What are the benefits of corporate massage?

There are many beenfits when it comes to corporate massages some of those include:

  • Motivation for your staff – Office based therapy days, whether it’s a one-off experience or part of a regular occurrence, it provides motivation and is an experience to look forward to.
  • It promotes wellness within the workplace – Massage can help to improve blood flow, and heal the bodies injured muscles. If your workers spend a lot of their time sat at their desks, rewarding them with a corporate massage can help show them that you care about their wellbeing

If you’re looking for corporate massage in north London, get in contact with our professional corporate massage therapists now. We are conveniently based in Islington, north London on Hornsey Road.


The day can be scheduled as you see fit between your working hours or event. We have a handy booking system that is personalised to your day which allows you to offer your employees the facilities to book a slot ahead of time. It’s also useful for filling out our required health form which means that the whole session can be used to help them unwind!
Our feedback from other companies has been phenomenal. Here are some fun facts about our services: • 100% said the booking system was simple & easy to use. • 100% said our treatments was of a very high quality. • 85% were extremely likely to rebook with the remaining 15% being very likely. • We have been rated as 5 stars from all our participants.

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