Following government guidelines we are temporarily closed.

What to expect when you book in

We have working hard behind the scene, putting new measures in place so we are able to open the clinic a safe way whilst allowing you to feel comfortable when you visit TurnAround. This will mean some changes from the way we normally structure our treatments, these changes are based on guidance from the GCMT.


What we have done:

  • Completed two online COVID-19 Training courses.
  • Learnt about how to don PPE safety.
  • Deep cleaned the clinic, including the removal of soft furnishings. The consultation room will no longer be accessible to minimise contact.
  • Moved into our back room to allow for better ventilation throughout the treatment with the door open to our garden.

What we are doing:

  • Your therapist will be wearing personal protective equipment which includes a visor, mask, gloves and apron. Do not be concerned about the use of gloves, they are not noticeable to the touch and will not affect your treatment.
  • Your therapist will follow Public Health England’s guidelines for hand washing and sanitisation before your appointment.
  • There is a 30 minute gap between appointments to allow for disinfection of the practice space, therapy table, equipment and facilities.
  • Your therapist will arrange a telephone call before your appointment for consultation. This will be to discuss your needs for the treatment and to talk you through the Covid Measures in place.  Please allow up to 10minutes for this.
  • A therapist Covid Declaration will be sent to you on the day of your treatment stating that your therapist is well and symptom free. This will also include your therapist temperature that day.
  • Towels and linens that are used during treatment are being stored for 72 hours before being washed on a 60º wash.

What we need you to do:

  • Please arrive on time.  Your therapist needs to don PPE before your arrival, please try to arrive as close to the start time as possible. Unfortunately if you are late we are unable to run over your appointment time as this will affect cleaning time.
  • Please wear a face mask whilst inside the clinic.
  • If possible please wear sports clothing such as loose shorts, sports bra/t-shirt to minimise the use of towels and linens.
  • You will be asked to sanitise your hands upon arrival and your temperature will be taken with a non-contact thermometer. Please avoid touching anything until you have sanitised your hands.
  • Complete a Covid Health form prior to your appointment, this will be sent to you via email.


  • If you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, please postpone or cancel your appointment.  For Covid-19 illness the 24 hour cancellation policy does not apply.
  • If you become unwell within 7 days after your appointment, please let me know as soon as possible.
  • If you are considered a high risk client, it may not be possible to massage you at this time, please email me to discuss the options.

We are aware this is a long list of changes, please  make yourself aware of all the changes before coming for appointment to allow for a enjoyable treatment.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Clinic.

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