Become A Massage Member

Become A Massage Member


Are you thinking of becoming one of our Massage Members? Our Massage Memberships are a fantastic way to save money and avoid injury/pain! Simply sign up via the link below to start saving up to £216 a year.

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Find Our About Our Massage Memberships

Fortnightly Massage £100

With 2, 60 minute treatments to use in a month you make a saving of £18 per treatment. Save £216 over the year.

Monthly Massage- £55

With 1, 60 minute treatment a month you make a saving of £13 per treatment. Save £156 over the year.

Bi-Monthly Massage-£30 pcm

With 1, 60 minute treatment to use every 2 months you make a saving of £8 per treatment. Save £48 over the year. This membership splits the discounted £60 treatment cost over 2 monthly fees of £30.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t use my massage that month?

Any treatments you don’t use in a month will be passed to the following month. If you’re on holiday or don’t need a treatment that month, all treatments can be used at another time.

What if I need more treatments in a month?

Any additional treatments you need will be charged at the same cost as your membership. So if you injury yourself (touch wood) and you need a number treatments close together, a perk for being a member means you will always get these huge discounts.

I’ve got a surplus of treatments, what can i do?

If you have saved up 5,10, 20 treatments and you don’t know what to do (dream). You can gift treatments to your loved ones, just ask Lily for a gift voucher. Once you have been a member for over 6 months you can also pause your subscriptions for a maximum of 2 months per year (this has been waved during the pandemic).

Terms and Conditions

With such huge saving there are a few terms and conditions for our memberships.

1.Subscriptions are on a rolling standing order- once you sign up, your monthly fee will automatically be taken from your account each month.

2 Minimum 3 month sign up- If your wanting to sign up, its a minimum period of 3 month after which 1 month notice is needed by emailing

3. COVID; *if the clinic needs to close due to Covid19, memberships can be paused for the duration the clinic is closed.

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