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♻️ Sustainable Clinic ♻️

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There is a huge problem in the way we are all living to be Covid Secure. Unfortunately one use products have risen with disposable face masks and coffee shops fearing our re-usable coffee cups.
Since returning to the clinic after the March lockdown, I was shocked at the increase of waste our small clinic was throwing out with the extra requirements to be CovidSafe. Instead of our waste collection coming fortnightly, this is now happening twice a week!! 4 times the waste, truly shocking.

I had to do something, quickly. I am so proud to say that TurnAround Therapy is now as sustainable as possible, whilst remaining Covid Secure and Comfortable.

Here are the Sustainable Products we are now using

Scrummi Towels
We use Scrummi biodegradable towels as a base sheet for a couch. They are really comfortable to lie on and take 8 weeks to biodegrade.
We have used Songbird wax since opening the clinic in 2017. Their waxes are all made with local natural materials meaning they feel great and leave the skin moisturised. They also offer Eco-tubs refills with fully compostable packaging.
Delphis is a fantastic company who pioneered the first 100% recycled plastic bottle packaging. They are UK based and have received the royal stamp of approval twice.
We choose Delphis for our cleaning products as their products kill 99.9% of bacteria and are plant based! Thats some serious plant power. We use their Sanitiser spray, hand soap and hand sanitiser to keep the clinic Covid Secure.
Biodegradable wipes
To keep the clinic as clean as possible we use Delphis sanitiser sprays and then use sanitiser wipes when doing deep cleans after each client. Dettol’s new biodegradable wipes are perfect as they are tough on bacteria and kinder to the planet.
Biodegradable Gloves
I was so worried about the amount of gloves I was throwing away. Showa’s biodegradable gloves are nitrile so kind on allergies, the perfect find!
Biodegradable Aprons
Another fantastic find by GVHealth. The perfect way to keep clinically clean and sustainable.

Surgical Masks
I am required to wear IIR Surgical masks to meet safety standards. I wear the worlds first recyclable IIR mask made from grade 5 plastic.

Plastic Free Visor
I can’t believe there are Visors that are made from wood pulp and paper!! I use the ReelShield plastic free visor that can be composted after use.

Behind the scenes I use SMOL washing products to clean all linens. There washing capsules are plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging, their fabric conditioner comes in refillable recycled packaging. I’ve used SMOL for the past year and have found them the perfect eco alternative for washing.

What Can you do?

Whilst researching into which products to purchase I found some fantastic low waste shops in the area. If you are interested in finding low waste alternatives to products you use at home you should visit Kilo on Holloway Road or the Haelan Center in Crouch end.

If your shielding at home, Good Fillas is the perfect choice as they come to your door to refill your supplies!


Since writing this blog, I have gone on to do something about it! I launched TurnAround Earth on January 1st 2021 that supplies sustainable PPE that wont add to the mess!



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